Arkham City Catwoman Content Requires Online Pass

Used copies of Batman: Arkham Asylum will be missing the Catwoman content, Warner Bros. revealed via Eurogamer today. Downloadable using a code in the box, only the first purchaser of each game will have access to the feline femme fatale, a swift kick for anybody waiting for the price to come down.

That's not to say you will be completely locked out, you can access the download in return for £7.99/800 Microsoft points.

This goes one step further than blocking you from playing a few challenge rooms (which it does as well), it actually removes access to 4 parts of the story in which Catwoman is playable. I imagine you'll still get the gist, you won't miss anything important, but you still have to pay full price or the extra via PSN or the Marketplace in order to see the full story.

It seems something of a low blow to me, in part because of the high cost of the download.

Arkham City comes out in less than a week in the States, 8 days in Europe (and counting).