Ex-Rare Developers Form Starfire Studios, Announce Fusion: Genesis

Former developers from Rare have parted ways with their original studio to found Starfire Studios, and have announced Fusion: Genesis as their first ever game. The developers include veterans of Rare who developed Goldeneye, Killer Instinct, Perfect Dark and Kameo.

Fusion: Genesis is described as a sci-fi twin-stick shooter with MMORPG elements, in which you control a space ship to embark on missions both solo and cooperative. Like Freelancer, the game is persistent, allowing players to populate the universe dynamically. Co-op missions can involve up to four players, while PVP arenas are limited to 8 players.

According to the press release, players can link their experience with Fusion: Sentient for the Windows Phone, which allows you to breed AI pet units and trade them in the auction system in Fusion: Genesis.

Published by Microsoft Studios, Fusion: Genesis is set for an exclusive release on the XBLA.

Source: Eurogamer