Surprise! The Monument Valley Soundtrack Is Getting A Vinyl

Monument Valley, the visually and sonically gorgeous 2014 mobile puzzle game developed by Ustwo, is getting an awesome vinyl soundtrack later this year, which you can preorder starting tomorrow.

The LP will be sold through, according to Polygon. The soundtrack is split into two volumes. The LP will come in a gatefold jacket, with original art, printed LP sleeves, an eight-page story booklet, and a code for the digital soundtrack.

You can start pre-orders as early as 1 p.m. EST tomorrow at iam8bit’s site. The soundtrack is expected to launch at some point during the second quarter of the year. The song list for both volumes below.

Volume I

  • Amateur Cartography
  • The Garden
  • Hidden Temple
  • The Ghost
  • Water Palace
  • The Spire
  • The Labyrinth
  • The Rookery
  • The Box
  • The Descent
  • Observatory
  • At Journey's End
  • Sounds From Shattered Seashells
  • Inverted Island
  • Oceanic Glow
  • Ida's Theme

Volume II

  • The Chasm
  • Forgotten Shores
  • Untold Stories
  • The Serpent Lake
  • The Thief
  • Halcyon Court
  • The Lost Falls
  • The Citadel of Deceit
  • The Oubliette
  • Nocturne
  • Haunted
  • Dreaming
  • Xen
  • An Old Friend
  • Ascension

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