Street Fighter V Alternative Costumes Revealed in Latest Beta

Following the unannounced relaunch of Street Fighter 5's beta last night, PC users have rummaged through the game's files and discovered a series of alternative outfits for some of the characters. 

NeoGAF's Scrub Mcgrubb was the first to reveal the screenshots, which you can see in the gallery below. Chun Li will be getting her police uniform while Zangief has a more traditional wrestling style. Also included are R. Mika, Laura, and more. 

Grapplers Birdie, Zangief, Rainbow Mika, and Laura are the only playable characters in the current beta and it's unclear when it will end so if you haven't done so already you should check it out. 

Street Fighter 5 launches for PC and PlayStation 4 on February 16th. 

Street Fighter 5 Alternative Costumes