Firewatch Length Revealed, Campo Santo Has No Plans For VR

What are you hoping out of upcoming first person adventure game Firewatch? According to developer Nels Anderson, it shouldn’t take that long to finish.

All in all, you can finish the game within five to six hours. Nels says it feels like finishing a TV miniseries or a trilogy of movies. Nels also points out there is a larger area in the park that’s off the beaten path’ which the player never has to visit, but apparently you could go to if you’re curious.

And now, here’s another revelation that may or may not disappoint you. Nels explains that they have no plans for VR with Firewatch. It’s not completely ruled out, and Nels says Campo Santo does think VR is cool. Nels says their immediate concerns are the amount of work that would be needed to adapt it to VR since it wasn’t planned for it in the first place.

Firewatch will be released on PC and PlayStation 4 on February 9.