Jak And Daxter HD Collection Confirmed

During an Uncharted 3 related press conference in Oslo, Justin Richmond apparently confirmed that the Jak and Daxter HD collection that has been constantly requested ever since the first God of War collection is going to be available for purchase in 2012. The collection will contain the first 3 games, polished up and on a single disk, along with trophies.

Nothing else is really known about the collection – things like whether it'll support 3D or not have not currently been confirmed – however, there's not even been a press release sent out yet so it's still early days. 

Hugely popular during the PS2 era, fans have found that entries in the series have been non-existant on consoles, so the chance to have a Jak and Daxter platinum on their list will be a chance to jump at. It'll also be a great chance for those who missed out when the games were originally released.

Reaction seems to have been positive to this informal announcement so far, so expect more official details very soon.