Steam Controller Gets Account Support Update

Valve has deployed the promised Steam Controller account update.

With this update, owners of the Steam Controller get to make accounts with their favored game configurations saved on their personal controller. They can then bring these personal controllers over to a friend’s house, and use those configurations when they play multiplayer. Of course, this means multiple controllers will have their own configurations.

When you’re done updating your Steam account, you will then be told to register your Steam Controller to the same account. There will then be a migration process for the data to move from your controller to your account. Valve says this could take a while but it will be a one time operation.

Valve also claims the update will allow players to share configurations for non-Steam games. Your mileage may vary, as many fans complain that non-Steam game support is not available for their game.

Do you and your friends have Steam Controllers? Will you be making use of this feature immediately? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.