System Shock 3 Officially Announced

A countdown that began six days ago has finally ended. The teaser site, when visited, now shows SHODAN, the series’ perennial super villain. The Otherside Entertainment logo appears across from the game’s title, indicating that the studio is working on the game. SHODAN says “did you think I’d forgotten you…insect?” in a brief audio clip that plays when the page loads.

The initial countdown only showed the number 3, along with Otherside Entertainment’s logo. There was speculation that this would lead to an announcement of System Shock 3. There was some doubt, because Night Dive Studios owns the license for the property, and are working on a remake of the original game. The team seems to have partnered with Otherside, which includes Looking Glass Studios founder Paul Neurath and BioShock Infinite’s Joe Fielder.

The original two System Shock titles were genre-bending atomospheric horror games which combined FPS gameplay with role playing elements. Irrational Games, which included former Looking Glass member Adam Levine, released the original BioShock in 2007 as a spiritual successor to System Shock 2. At the time, it didn’t appear likely that the System Shock IP would be resurrected. The property has seen some recent activity, however, as System Shock 2 was rereleased with an enhanced version.

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