Visceral’s Star Wars Job Listings Hint At A Familiar Breed of Game

Visceral has new job openings for their Star Wars game out, giving us a better idea of what to expect.

This is the game headed by ex-Ubisoft producer Jade Raymond, with a story to be written by former Uncharted writer Amy Hennig. Of course, it’s widely expected that this would be an open world action game, as these two have extensive experience in, but what specifically are they working on for the game right now?

Here are some excerpts for the job opening for a senior systems designer.

Experience working on 3rd person action/adventure games, demonstrating major contributions in the areas of hero control schemes, enemy design, navigation mechanics, and combat.

Extensive understanding of the systems design process including motion models, weapons tuning and feel, enemy concept and design, tools/upgrades, economy, balance, testing, etc.

So, we can expect progression systems, an in-game economy, and by implication, class and hierarchy systems for player characters to progress to. Nothing the Star Wars universe hasn’t seen before, but with the pedigree of the people involved, it’s hard to not be excited.


What kind of a game do you hope Visceral’s Star Wars game will be like? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.