Irrational Games Seems To Be Working On A Bioshock Like Game, Based On Job Listings

Irrational Games has some new job listings out, for what seems a lot like Bioshock.

Before we get to the listings, it should be made clear that the studio is no longer officially Irrational Games, but we are still using this name because 2K has not shared the new one yet. It’s also possible, based on their specialization, that Irrational’s next game will be a lot like Bioshock, but be a completely different game.

Irrational’s current listing is for an experienced systems designer, who will work with the creative director and lead designer to implement the game’s features, and bring them all together. They’re looking for someone with three years’ experience, too.

Here’s the current speculation on what Irrational ‘s next game will be, based on the job listings:

– Narrative First Person Shooter

– Hub-based, possibly open world

– Features player abilities, loot tables, upgrade systems, resources, and cooldowns

– Unreal Engine 4

– Will release on PC/Steam at minimum

– Does not explicitly say it's a new IP

– Previous job postings mentioned something about online, but not the latest one

– Also originally listed as a downloadable scale project, AKA a game with episodes, expansions, and/or DLC.

What do you make of these listings? Are you eager to find out what The Studio Formerly Known As Irrational Games is working on? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.