Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain’s Secret Revealed: Nuclear Disarmament Event

Konami has finally unveiled one of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s long kept secrets. Introducing the Nuclear Disarmament event.

Technically, the event is not available yet. Konami explained that players will need to meet specific conditions to unlock the event. In their words:

1. You must have completed Mission 31.

2. You must not own or be currently developing a nuclear weapon. If you have any nukes in stock, you must dismantle them.

3. Certain conditions related to nuclear proliferation must be met on the regional server for your corresponding gaming platform (PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, Xbox One, Xbox 360®, PC(Steam®)).

4. All nuclear weapons on the regional server corresponding to your console or platform must have been dismantled. In other words, the amount of nukes on your platform's server must be equal to 0.

So, when all four conditions are met, the event will open up to you after you return to Mother Base, or upon completing a main mission. If new nukes do resurface, you can work at meeting all four conditions and you can unlock the event multiple times.

Of course, the vital thing here is to try to get all the nuclear weapons for the platform of your choice dismantled. Konami will continuously update fans on the number of weapons per platform on Twitter, but ironically, the platforms that have the least players have the advantage. Right now, that’s a tie between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.  

The timing of the announcement is certainly odd, but perhaps Konami  knew fans were going to be online and thought to spread word of mouth at this key date.

Will you be trying to unlock this event? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.