Overwatch Beta Will Happen This Weekend

After a seemingly endless wait, Blizzard has finally announced concrete details for the highly—highly—anticipated Overwatch beta test. The three day long invite-only beta will begin at 9:00am PST on Friday, November 20 and end at 9:00am PST on Monday, November 23. The test will only be open to players in the Americas and Europe. Accounts will be flagged for the beta on Thursday, November 19.

If you’re selected for the beta, you’ll see an Install button in the Overwatch tab of your Battle.net account and an Overwatch Beta license in the “Your Game Accounts” section under Account Management. Blizzard will email you to let you know, but you can always confirm using the aforementioned methods as well if you think you may have received a spam email.

Not all players are automatically considered for the test. You must opt in for the beta in order to have a shot at being chosen. To do so, simply visit your Beta Profile Settings page under Account Management and check off “Overwatch” under “Beta Tests I’m Interested In.” Make sure you click Update Preferences to finalize your choice. You can also just opt-in here.

Beta testers will have access to all 21 heroes and the following maps: Hanamura, King’s Row, and Watchpoint: Gibraltar. The goal of this beta is primarily a server stress test. However, since there is no NDA for this test weekend, screenshots and gameplay videos are bound to surface quickly and this will be our biggest glimpse yet of what the final game will look like.