Elite: Dangerous Livestream Brings Big News

Thanksgiving just got a little more exciting.

David Braben of Frontier Developments held a livestream Q&A session on YouTube and answered a lot of fan questions about the upcoming beta for the Horizons expansion of Elite: Dangerous. We now know that the beta, which comes in stages 1.5 and 2.0, will launch of November 9 and November 24, respectively. Version 1.5 of Elite: Dangerous mostly includes updates and improvements and players will be able to try it out before the final release. Version 2.0 is the Horizons expansion.

Braben unveiled a few gameplay clips, including footage of the new Surface Recon Vehicle as it deploys from a Cobra ship. He also mentioned a new schematic that helps players navigate each planet.

In general, players seemed to express concern over whether elements of the game, like the buggies, could induce motion sickness. Braben said he didn’t feel sick while using the buggies, but that getting tumbled too much did become unpleasant for another player who was prone to motion sickness.

All of those previews were interesting enough, but the real news is that, according to Braben, there are species in the galaxy besides just Thargoids.

Elite: Dangerous is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.