Rumor: Nintendo NX Developer Kits Are Now Being Distributed

Word is out that Nintendo has started spreading around NX developer kits to developers.

Eyes are all on the Kyoto based developer, who recently publicly announced Pokemon Go with the Pokemon Company and Niantic, and has yet to reveal their own in-house developed mobile games.

Former CEO Satoru Iwata announced the NX at the same time when he announced Nintendo would be making a select number of mobile games. He admitted at the time that this was a key decision, to emphasize that Nintendo’s entry into mobile did not mean they planned to abandon hardware development.

Nintendo has only stated that they will reveal more details about the NX next year, but many analysts believe that it will also be the year they will release the console itself.

If third party developers seem invariably interested in bringing games to the 3DS, and have abandoned the Wii U, their interest is piqued by the NX. Square Enix’s developers have expressed interest in bringing their games to the NX, most notably Dragon Quest XI.

However, Square Enix made this announcement lacking knowledge of the NX’s technical specs, so we don’t know quite yet if the console will be powerful enough for games like it – or even if it’s a home console.

In any case, many developers big and small have been vocal about their problems developing games on Wii U and 3DS, and it is highly expected that NX will resolve those issues. Nintendo has visibly taken steps to reach out to indies, and this would be the next logical step.

Of course, if you’ve followed games for a while, you would know games that just start development will stay in development in at least two to three years, so based on that alone, it seems unlikely that the NX will be coming out immediately, in spite of what gamers want.

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