Giant NES Controller Made of LEGOs

Julius von Brunk, an electrical artist and engineer, has created a new version of his giant, functional, LEGO-made NES controller, which he has called the “Mk.II Edition.” Check it out in action in the video below with commentary and an explanation of how he built it in the video below.

The “Mk.II Edition” builds on the “Mk.I Edition” von Brunk made in 2013. Citing “flak form the gaming community for using sticker labels as opposed to LEGO pieces for the exterior,” von Brunk has rebuilt that exterior, including the Nintendo logo and the select and start button labels, to be completely made of LEGOs.

Von Brunk has also installed a new Arduino circuit inside the controller, which he says is “much sturdier,” that the previous setup. The downside to the Arduino circuit is that it cannot interface with “authentic Nintendo Entertainment Systems.” Instead, the controller will only work with computers and can play NES games via emulators installed on said computer.

The controller was displayed at last month’s A Video Game Con.

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Source: Baron von Brunk