Limited Edition Fallout 4 Snowboard Now Up For Pre-Sale In Bethesda Store

If Fallout and extreme sports are your thing, you may appreciate this merry melding of the two. The limited edition Fallout 4 snowboard is now up for pre-sale in the Bethesda Store for $500. Featuring images of the garage and power suit from the Fallout 4 trailers and the Fallout 4 logo on the other side, only 155 of these are being made. They ship at the end of this month on the 30th, giving you at least a full week on the slopes with this bad boy before Fallout 4 launches on November 10. Here's a bunch of technical details about the snowboard that I do not understand but are probably relevant to you if you take a serious interest in snowboarding:

  • BI-Lite Fiberglass
  • NS Custom Flightcore
  • RDS 2 Damping System
  • Sintered P-tex Sidewall
  • Durasurf Sintered 4501 base
  • P-tex Tip and Tail Protection
  • Full Wrap Metal Edge

Head over to the Bethesda Store to get yours. Fallout 4 launches on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 10, 2015.