Kickstarter Launched For Localization of Visual Novel, Witch Boy Magical Piece

Boys can be magical girls too! And behind that sentiment lies the premise of Witch Boy Magical Piece, a yaoi visual novel coming to North America. In Witch Boy Magical Piece, the titular witch boys are young men who have the power to transform into magical girls, ala the Sailor Starlightes in the Sailor Moon series. As they take on romances with other boys, a number of gender related themes, topics, and problems are explored, and amid the drama they must fight a mysterious alien force invading the planet. Only the Magical Power wielding Witches can defeat them, and they're gonna look super stylish while they do it. Check it out in the video trailer above.

To fund the localization of Witch Boy Magical Piece, developers Sekai Project have launched a Kickstarter campaign. They're seeking $57,000, with $10,000 going towards the Steam port, $35,000 for the translation and $7,000 for re-using the original voice acting. So far they are 25% funded with 10 days left to go, so head on over to get in your pledge. Rewards include wallpapers, copies of the game, a calendar featuring the Witches, t shirts, an artbook, and more. At the $300 tier there's even a body pillow cover.

Witch Boy Magical Piece is also up on Steam Greenlight. Based on reward tier delivery dates, the developers appear to be aiming for a December 2016 release date.