Bungie Offers Free Preview of Destiny: The Taken King’s Crucible

If you own a copy of Destiny then chances are you’re familiar with the upcoming third expansion, The Taken King, which will be releasing on September 15, 2015. Overall the expansion will be focusing on Oryx, the father of Crota, as he prepares for a quest to avenge his son’s death with a race of enemy known as the Taken. While the expansion is about a week away from launch, fans of Destiny can still get a sneak peek of the maps and game modes that will be coming soon.

Word was released from the official Bungie weekly update that players who own Destiny will be able to get a free preview of the multiplayer maps and events of The Taken King from September 8 until September 14. This is known as the Crucible Preview Event in which all players who own a copy of Destiny can partake in so don’t fret if you haven’t pre-ordered the third expansion. Although it’s worth mentioning, that players won’t be able to use the new Super abilities in the preview week. This preview event will be a good way for undecided players to gauge their interest and decision towards making the purchase for the expansion as well.

Speaking of which, we have recently covered five reasons as to why you should be excited for Destiny: The Taken King which includes the story element, new strikes and more. Additionally, Bungie also revealed late last month on the different VIP rewards that will be handed out to the year one veterans. These rewards are a way of Bungie rewarding and thanking for year one players who have made the commitment in checking out the game for Year Two.