Nintendo Patent For Power Efficient Console Without Optical Drive Appears (Is This The NX?)

Nintendo has filed a new patent for a gaming console. The shocker? This one won’t have an optical drive. The device is described as a stationary games console, making it clear this is not a portable. Details are a little loaded, but we’ll try to simplify these to make them easier to understand.

The processor, internal HDD, and two storage units, are distinctly separated to execute different functions. While the processor will execute basic OS functions, games will run off the HDD, meaning games will run much more efficiently. The storage units seem to function as a backup system, which can replace data found in the HDD if the data is corrupted, and the console can check for corruption too.

The device can interact with other devices in different ways, including wireless internet, external displays, memory cards (presumed to be SD cards and not proprietary), external HDD, and game controller. The game controller seems to provide continuity with the Wii U, as it also comes with its own display, but may be more powerful, since it will have its own processor.

Finally, efficiency seems to be a priority with the console, as it can assess its own efficiency and control its read/write speeds appropriately. Even better, it has supreme control over those read and write speeds.

Of course, Nintendo has yet to comment on the patent, but online speculation is high that this is the rumored NX console. The patent gives no indication on the console’s power, but if earlier rumors that it will use a custom AMD APU is true, it seems designed to be a powerful, but also power efficient console.

Of course, everyone has a theory on the NX and this patent, so we’ll ask a different question here. How soon do you think before Nintendo will reveal all regarding the patent? Do you think Nintendo could possibly bundle this with their 3D eye tracking tech? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.