Rock Band 4 Priced Much Higher In UK Than US, Mad Catz Explains Why

Mad Catz global communications director Alex Verrey took to an interview today to explain why Rock Band 4 was priced considerably higher in UK than in the US.

For perspective’s sake, buying the full bundle in the UK, which includes the guitar and drum kit, costs £219.99. In the US, the same bundle goes for $249.99, or £160.

Verrey assured fans that it is not in Mad Catz’ best interest to make prices different across different regions, especially since they know fans can easily learn about this price disparity online. In the end, it came down to the usual reasons games will have different prices or even not get sold in other regions.

Among other things, Mad Catz has to contend with the UK value added tax, shipping costs, and fluctuating exchange rates. Verrey was also forthcoming about how Mad Catz in general was operating under low margins. Verrey also argued for the quality of the game’s peripherals as an assurance that UK and Europe gamers are getting value for money.

Mad Catz’ situation is no joke, as they recently issued a mandatory credit warning to their primary lender, Wells Fargo. Mad Catz actually needs Rock Band 4 to be a hit, and so they have gone all in with making the peripherals for the game. If you are wondering why Mad Catz is speaking for Harmonix here, the peripherals company is actually copublishing it with them.

UK gamers do have an option, that just happens to not be available yet. Rock Band 4 will be compatible with old instruments, but Harmonix and Mad Catz have yet to decide on the final pricing for the game without the instruments. It does seem reasonable to expect that they would price it the same as most new games.

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