Firewatch Release Date Announcement Coming Soon

Did you enjoy that trailer for Firewatch off E3? You won’t have to wait long to learn more about it.

Developer Campo Santo has confirmed that they will be revealing the release date for Firewatch very soon. Apparently, they have been feeling high demand for more information on the game, but still aren’t cleared to share more information just yet.

Firewatch places you in Shoshone National Forest, deep in Wyoming in 1989. You are a fire lookout named Henry, whose mundane, if occasionally entertaining, daily routine, gets interrupted when your tower is ransacked while you are out on patrol. With constant guidance from your supervisor, Delilah, who is your only human contact via walkie-talkie, you investigate a series of unexplained phenomena in the area.

The E3 trailer impressed with its aesthetic and seemingly light tone. Developer Campo Santo collected a who’s who of talent, including Telltale creative directors Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman, Mark of the Ninja lead designer Nels Anderson, composer Chris Remo, and graphic designer and artist Olly Moss.

What we know now is Firewatch is releasing this year for PlayStation 4, Windows, OSX, and Linux. Expect even more information coming soon.