NBA 2K16’s 2K Pro-Am Mode Revealed, And You Won’t Believe What It Is

2K Sports has finally explained the 2K Pro-Am portion of NBA 2K16, and it’s safe to say you did not expect this.

2K Pro-Am is replacing Jordan Rec Center as the new online mode for NBA 2K16, based around your MyTeam and boasting some impressive new features.

Here is the official press release:

Pro-Am is a new mode for MyPLAYERs in NBA 2K16. Grab your friends, design your own logos, jerseys and arenas for full branding of your team. After your identity has been stamped, rise up the leaderboards with your team to compete against the best in the world in five-on-five matches on full-sized courts with NBA rules in a venue that supports 40 players playing simultaneously.

Among the greatest promises for 2K Pro-Am is the lack of waiting to get into games. We don’t know how much 2K can meet this promise, but we do know it’s a direct consequence of online issues with NBA 2K15. 2K wants fans to know they won’t allow those issues to repeat.

Second to that are fully featured leaderboards, that track statistics for your individual players and your team. This feature will definitely bring the NBA 2K franchise closer to making it viable for eSports.

Lastly, and as a nice personal touch, you will be able to personalize much of your team’s experience extensively. Beyond choosing the players, you can design the jerseys, add your own logos and team quotes, and even redesign your home stadium. It’s as personalized as 2K can allow falling short of allowing mods into their game.

NBA 2K16 will be released on September 29, 2015 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows.