Destiny: The Taken King’s New Location Gives Us Goosebumps

Destiny: The Taken King’s launch draws closer, and Bungie’s putting the past behind it. Moving forward, they’re releasing more details on the new expansion; they’ve shown us shiny new weapons, and now, they’ve released details, concept art, and screen shots of a new location: the Dreadnaught.

A number of the game’s artists take us on a guided tour of the Dreadnaught, the Taken’s flagship in the newest Weekly Update. The ship looks far from friendly, and appears to draw inspiration from creepy-crawly bugs. Anyone with insectophobiba definitely will not feel at home in the Hive.

Beautiful concept art on the right, with the corresponding in-game screenshots beside them.


The lighting is brilliant and the composition is great. They were going for “unsettling and uninviting while still making it a place people would want to explore,” and we believe they’ve succeeded. The Dreadnaught appears to be a worthy focal point of The Taken King’s campaign and the centerpiece of The Taken War.

What the development team has created is breathtaking, and not just in the oh-God-is-this-place-crawling-with-bugs sense. There’s more loot waiting for players, more secrets to unlock, and more challenges to overcome. The Open World Design team plays the game too, and they’re always cooking up more ways to challenge players. That’s why they’ve brought this guy to life:

That’s Darkblade, and you’ll meet him during a Strike that takes place on the Dreadnaught. He’s just one of many other Hive “abominations” that’ll be waiting for you in The Taken King expansion.

Destiny: The Taken King will be available beginning September 15 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.