New Skyrim Information Includes Necromancy, Improved Combat AI, and Horse Theft


I always look forward to delivering new information about Skyrim by the bucketload. In the new issue of OXM, which contains a preview of the game, the developers at Bethesda provided a flurry of new gameplay details that should pique the interest of anyone who's been following the series and the game's development thus far. 

Without further ado, here's what's interesting:


Players indulging in the Necromantic arts will be able to resurrect chickens and harvest their eggs. When the player is fighting against NPC opponents proficient in Necromancy, they can resurrect their fallen allies to support them in battle—making them primary targets in any large fight. 

Combat AI

Enemies who see their allies fall will recognize the player's strength and flee from battle if they see no hope of winning.

There is an instance where bandits roll a boulder at the player from an overhanging bridge. It's an example of how environmental interaction in Skyrim is vastly improved over its predecessors. 

Leveling Up

Leveling up is less of an automated process, allowing you to define your character as you see fit. Whenever you level up, you gain 10 points to distribute among health, magicka, or stamina.

Horses and Theft

Stolen horses will run away from the player when dismounted. Furthermore, a town guard will halt the player at the gate of a town and make you pay for the horse you stole earlier. 

Spriggans (a monster type) can heal themselves even after you think they're dead, when they curl into a fetal position. Giant mudcrabs make a return in Skyrim. Attack its weak point for massive damage. 


It should be enough information to keep us attenuated to the game until the next information blowout.