The Japanese Box Artwork for Dark Souls Looks Better Than the Rest

Namco Bandai has published box art images of From Software's upcoming RPG, Dark Souls. The game is set to receive different artwork, which differs from version to version.

The Japanese PlayStation 3 version of the box art is a shot of the protagonist in sepia, as he sits with his back to a campfire, with his trusty sword by his side. In contrast, the International Xbox 360 version of the box art shows the protagonist wading into battle, arms outstretched with sword and shield in either hand.

A further image, presumably unused, depicts a the protagonist from the front, as he holds his sword beneath his chin in archaic manner.

It goes without saying that the first image—from the Japanese rendition of the game—is most interesting of the three pictures, and looks the least cliché. Game publishers, why can't you just give us what you give the Japanese?

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