Devil’s Third: Itagaki Tells All On Game Specs, Multiplayer Will Host Tens Of Thousands

A few days after previews of Devil’s Third have appeared, Lead developer Tomonobu Itagaki has revealed the specs and details for the game.

Devil’s Third runs in 30 FPS. Itagaki promises that this massive shooter (emphasis on massive) is enjoyable at 30 FPS.

Itagaki decided not to use split screen for online and offline play. Instead, the single player campaign uses the full power of the Wii U console.

Devil’s Third does not have voice chat. The bandwidth that would have been used for this feature was instead used for 16 player multiplayer.

Finally, Itagaki shares his recommendations for how to playDevil’s Third:

·         Pro Controller

·         USB keyboard

·         Wired internet

In an earlier post, Itagaki explained why they recommend the Pro Controller and a USB keyboard over the GamePad. He feels the face buttons are crowded on the GamePad, so you can make mistakes with inputs. The analogs are also too far apart, making it difficult to get a graps of the battlefield. Lastly, and practically, the GamePad is not suitable for many hours of play, and they designed Devil’s Third for long play sessions.

Valhalla chimed in and explained that it comes down to multiplayer, which they intend to house tens of thousands of players.

Itagaki’s statements are an interesting reaction to  the now prevailing negative reaction to early previews of the game. Many previewers cited issues with the game’s performance and graphics, but they were not able to test multiplayer. Now, it seems, Valhalla wants us to trust in their vision for the game’s multiplayer.

Devil’s Third will be released in Japan on August 4, and then Europe on August 28, and Australia on August 29. Official announcements for a North American release are forthcoming.