Uncharted 4 Threw Out Eight Months Of Amy Hennig’s Work, Hennig is Working On Star Wars ‘Uncharted’ Game Now

Nolan North has made some shocking revelations about Uncharted 4. If you were a fan of Amy Hennig’s work, you will want to read this.

While both Uncharted and The Last of Us were made by Naughty Dog, there were different teams working on both games. Apparently, the team working on The Last of Us took over Uncharted 4, and they decided they would take the game in their own direction. With this in mind, they threw away Amy Hennig’s work on the game, which amounted to eight months of work. Nolan says he isn't entirely sure what happened within the studio, but of course, as we know, Hennig went on to leave Naughty Dog. 

Nolan does say that Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us team made smart decisions making the game. For example, they cast Troy Baker as his brother, which worked since the two know each other well.

As for the story that Naughty Dog came up with separately from Hennig, Nolan says that it will have a slightly different tone, but the story will run across the same lines. Nolan draws a comparison between Robert Ludlum and Stephen King, pointing out no one expects a Ludlum novel to be the same as a King novel.

Nolan does hint that something’s up that Naughty Dog has changed, that he isn’t sure how fans will take it. Regarding Hennig, Nolan says that she’s doing OK with her upcoming Star Wars project, which will also be a Tomb Raider/Uncharted style game. He also says it’s not Star Wars 1313.

Are you looking forward to Hennig’s new Star Wars project, or to Uncharted 4 more? Share your thoughts with us in the comments