Fresh Skyrim Details: Difficulty Settings, Button Mapping, and Hours of Music


Bethesda's PR guy Pete Hines answered a number of questions about the company's upcoming RPG, Skyrim, on his Twitter account. In doing so, he provided a fresh slew of new details about the game.

  • You can save anywhere. We don't do checkpoints. We now have a 3 autosave system though.
  • Yes, there are children. No, you can't hurt or kill them.
  • [autosaves] alternates between 3 slots. You set time interval (5, 10, 15, etc) as well as if it saves on sleep, wait, etc.
  • No, there is no hardcore mode.
  • Finishing moves happen randomly. They aren't under the player's control whether you see them, or which ones you see.
  • On Music: Yes, there is a lot of everything. There is hours (plural) of music [by Jeremy Soule] here.
  • We don't do deformable terrain. Creating a beautiful, seamless outdoor world w/ no loads is hard enough as it
  • On crafting enchanted armor and weapons: You can buy them or create them yourself. DIY is certainly cheaper. May or may not be better than what you've found.
  • You can put weapons or magic in either hand. You can only equip shields and torches in your left hand. Bows as well.
  • Yes, settings determine how hard enemies are. [Difficulty] adjusts some based on your level and it's more of a range.
  • Subtitles for everything in the game. As with our previous games.
  • Yes, there is button mapping