Lords of the Fallen Devs Tease Unannounced RPG

Focus Home Interactive has just teased a new project in collaboration with Deck13 Interactive and we like what we’re seeing. The Lords of the Fallen developer is working on an unannounced IP, a dystopian sci-fi RPG set in the future. The name will be revealed at a later date.

The teams at both Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive seem to be in high spirits regarding the project. Deck13’s CEO Florian Stadlbauer said of their company's relationship with Focus Home Interactive: “Our relationship with the company over the past few months has created a lot of trust and confidence already. During the past years, the Focus team has shown that they are extremely successful in marketing European titles worldwide.”

On the Focus team’s end, CEO Jan Klose said, “After our recent major project, the team at Deck13 is eager to take on the next challenge. We have learned a lot and want to deliver an even greater experience to core gamers this time.”

Sounds like both teams are confident in each other’s capabilities and they’re set to produce what could be a very exciting RPG experience. The unannounced IP will be announced at a later date, and is expected to released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2017.