Lords of the Fallen Gets A Game of the Year Edition

Lords of the Fallen was released back in October 2014. The player takes on the role of Harkyn, a character who could be customized to suit individual play styles through armor and magic choices. Gaining in-game experience would allow the player to upgrade Harkyn’s skills as they go along.  The game also features challenging combat gameplay and a slightly complex system for gaining (or losing!) experience. It has received fairly positive reviews across all platforms it is available in, and a sequel was announced last December 2014.

We’ve got a feeling that fans of the original game are excited for its sequel, so the announcement of the Game of the Year edition is rather timely. With the release date of Lords of the Fallen 2 still undisclosed, the GOTY edition of Lords of the Fallen should keep players occupied a little bit longer. Included in this edition will be the Ancient Labyrinth DLC (made available post-launch), as well as The Monk’s Decipher DLC, the Lionheart pack DLC, and the Demonic Weapons pack DLC, which came with the Collector’s Edition.

The Lords of the Fallen – Game of the Year Edition will be released on June 26th and will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.