Darkest Dungeon Gets Two New Classes, Tons of New Features

Darkest Dungeon has been in Steam Early Access for some time now, and it's seen a number of updates thus far, but none have been quite as big as the update they released today, which includes a host of bug fixes, UI improvements, and gameplay rebalancing.

In addition to all of this, the developers have added a ton of new features, including two new hero classes, several bosses, loot, a new building, crit heals, and the ability to sell your junk. Additionally, characters who get too stressed can suffer from heart attacks–so that's one additional thing to worry about. 

Here's what's in store:

New Features

New Hero Class! Man-At-Arms 

New Hero Class! Arbalest 

New Ruins Boss! Gibbering Prophet 

New Warens Boss! Formless Flesh 

New Weald Boss! Brigand Cannon 

New Loot: The Ancestor’s Trinket set. Ultra-rare items once held by the Ancestor himself – be warned, some of these trinkets are only found in the pitch dark! 

New Building! Ancestor's Statue: Click the statue to open the Ancestor's Memoirs – a record of all cutscenes and boss backstories! 

Heart Attacks! Don’t let your heroes get too stressed. If your stress bar fills again past affliction…it’s over. 

Sell your junk! In the Trinket Inventory, hold shift to see sell back value, shift+click to sell trinkets 

Crit-heals! Heal, critically! 

Tons of Party Names as created by Kickstarter and Humble backers!

If you've no idea what Darkest Dungeon is about, be sure to check out NorthernLion's Let's Play series–it's a fantastic way of getting into the game. 

Read the rest of the patch notes here.