Riot Games Ceases League of Legends Support for Mac

league of legends

Gamers on the Mac will be disappointed to discover that the developers of League of Legends have all but ceased their support for the OSX platform. 

"So far we have been unable to ensure a consistent quality bar across platforms," read the official post announcing the decision. 

"At the heart of the issue is our rapid update cycle, where we make regular balance changes and content updates. We currently develop on the PC, but since the plan was for the Mac to share servers, we believed that a Mac version that was frequently unavailable was not up to Riot standards." 

The Mac port is currently only available to group of closed beta testers, but is otherwise restricted from the public. 

"We will continue to investigate the opportunity to provide player access on the Mac Platform in the future that aligns with our service and content update standards. We are committed to building a solution that will work on the Mac in the long run, but it will take some time."

Riot Games intends to compensate Mac beta testers who made purchases on the service, providing them with full refunds should they opt to close their accounts.  Additionally, testers are eligible to receive a code for a free Champions Pack with the following limitations:

"To qualify for the reward, you must have a majority of your logins come from the Mac client, and you must login to the Mac client and click on the Store button between Friday, September 2 and Tuesday, September 6. Rewards will be added to the accounts of verified testers by the end of September."

If you're a Mac gamer, you may be better off running Boot Camp. 

via Kotaku