The Last of Us Film Production Wraps Neil Druckmann’s Episodes

The Last of Us HBO

The Last of Us was such an iconic video game developed under Sony’s Naughty Dog studio. This IP threw players into a world where a virus pandemic had turned most of humanity into zombie-like creatures. Now with the civilians trying to survive, factions have risen to find a way back to normalcy. Within the first game, players follow a young girl named Ellie, who seemingly can’t be infected, which may spark a new hope of finding a cure.

Overall, the first game follows a man named Joel and Ellie as they cross the country to find a faction group. That group has a team of skilled scientists that might find a way to create a cure through Ellie. It’s an emotional journey full of ups and downs. With Naughty Dog adept at delivering some highly detailed video games, each new game release feels like a movie. There are interesting characters, a compelling storyline, and big set pieces. Now we know that there’s a production going on right now to bring out a live-action adaptation.

Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann is connected to this production and will be directing some episodes. It looks like all of his filming have come to an end. Announced through Neil’s Twitter social media account, the developer has announced his wrap with the series. Now that his time with the production has come to an end, Neil is going back to the Naughty Dog studios. It should mean that his focus is back on the video game industry. However, we don’t know just what Naughty Dog is doing right now. 

For now, it looks like the production for The Last of Us is getting closer to finishing up. We’re still waiting on more details to come out on what the film production will bring out. It’s also uncertain how far the first season will adapt the first video game and what differences the series will bring out compared to the game. We know that when the series comes out, it will be exclusively available for the HBO network.