Battlefield 3’s Regenerating Tank Health Explained

Developer DICE has explained the regenerating health for one of Battlefield 3's most intriguing vehicles, the tank.

The company detailed on the series' official forum:

If you back up and take cover, you give yourself a chance to let the vehicle armor recover, just like your soldier heals up when going into cover. This is a new feature in Battlefield 3 where lightly damaged vehicles recover their armor after a set amount of time (if kept away from enemy fire). Instead of promoting a gung-ho attitude at all times, this means that the driver who keeps his cool and adapts to any given situation will also be able to keep his vehicle in working order for longer. It is basically our way of giving smart non-Engineers a fighting chance to keep his vehicle in the battle.

Battlefield 3 featuring tanks should be enough of a reason to be hyped about the shooter – this particular vehicle was showcased in the game's lengthy E3 demo and gamers were more than impressed. Additionally – let's not forget – the game sports playable jets in both single player and the multiplayer.

Electronic Art's Battlefield 3 is due for a release on October 25th, 2011, and two days later the title will launch in European territories.