EA’s President Doesn’t Think the PS4 Will Be All That Hot


The desire for a new generation of consoles is starting to heat up. Nintendo's Wii U will be on the market soon, and rumors of Xbox 720 and PS4 development kits continue to trickle out from the industry every now and then. However, EA's President Frank Gibeau told CVG in a recent interview that he doesn't see what would make the PS4 all that awesome. 

"It's hard for me to conceive what you would do on a PlayStation 4.", he said. "The displays are already 1080p, you're already connected to the internet… You could make it faster, you could have more polys and you could up the graphics a little bit… but at what cost? It'll be interesting to see how [Sony and Microsoft] think about it in terms of the next generation but it seems to me that customers are happy, and we're happy to build games on [360 and PS3] right now."

One might expect the same comment to be directed at a successor to the 360. Not entirely surprising, of course, as there's no real need for a new generation of consoles within the next two or three years. Of course, the longer it takes for them to produce a new machine, the more PC hardware will have advanced past any point of possible contention. 

Thanks, CVG!