Black Desert Online’s Japanese Launch Commercial Is A Well Crafted Short Film

Did you remember all those impressive previews for Korean MMO Black Desert Online? Pearl Abyss’ graphically impressive RPG is starting to stretch its wings, as a new commercial for Japan has come to light.

The commercial also highlights Black Desert Online’s Japanese publisher, Pmang. Pmang Japan primarily distributes other PC MMOs, first person shooters, as well as casual games, including pachinko and mahjongg. Among the bigger names under its umbrella areRF Online Z, FIFA Online 2, Silkroad Online, and Record of Lodoss War.

Unfortunately, we can’t translate the commercial, but the general narrative is easy to understand. Without giving away too much, the trailer stars actress Maika Yamamoto, recently seen in the movie Assassination Classroom. We think you will appreciate the craftsmanship that went behind this commercial, and also how it’s targeting a female demographic.

Japan is nowhere as big a market as the US, but perhaps this is precisely why Black Desert went to this region first. If you’re waiting for this game to officially release in the West, you will want it to do well in Japan to accelerate a Western release faster. The game’s open beta is launching tomorrow, with some players having already made their characters over the past week.

You can get more details in the pending Japanese release here. Are you looking forward to its release in the West? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.