Project CARS 2 Will Be Crowdfunded Like Project CARS, With Slightly Different Terms

Slightly Mad Studios has confirmed plans to crowdfund Project CARS 2 after Project CARS’ release.

Project CARS is slated for release on May 7 on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Future ports to Wii U and SteamOS/Linux are also forthcoming, but Slightly Mad Studios have not given us release dates yet, so we publicly have no frame of reference to compare that future release to the start of the next crowdfunding effort.

Project CARS was crowdfunded via World of Mass Development, an innovative platform that brought the backers closer to the development process than before. Via WMD, backers had a say in the choice of platforms, content, and more. WMD was initially conceived to allow backers to be investors, promising a return on profits. Unfortunately for Slightly Mad Studios, this led to the project being investigated by UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.  This issue ended with a new refunds policy and SMS agreeing not to accept more funding for the game.

Slightly Mad Studios head Ian Bell told backers that they intend to reuse the World of Mass Development model, but under a non-profit form. There will also be a purchase time limit of two to three months and investment tiers will be capped, probably at 100 pounds.

Bell also explained that they will also open the door for private investments at or above $ 50,000. Presumably, these are all terms that comply with UK’s financial investment regulations.

Are you looking forward to Project CARS 2? Are you willing to pay to ensure that port gets made? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.