BioWare’s David Gaider Wants to Make a Star Wars RPG

Update: Aaryn Flynn, GM for BioWare has posted the following tweet regarding KOTOR: 

David Gaider, the lead writer of the Dragon Age series of games at BioWare tweeted today expressing interest in working on another Star Wars RPG. He said so in response to a question posed by a fan, who wished that he would make "something like KOTOR but maybe [in] a different timeline." 

The last Star Wars title Gaider worked on was the classic Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Ever receptive, Gaider tweeted that he would love working on another Star Wars RPG with Obsidian's Chris Avellone, who worked on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II and served, most recently, as narrative designer of the fantastic Pillars of Eternity

Gaider tweeted:

Given that it's Star Wars day today, Gaider also recounted his experiences in the creation of KOTOR over Twitter, revealing that he'd penned the Code of the Sith.

We may not be seeing a new Star Wars role-playing game anytime soon, but considering the fact that EA holds the license to the Star Wars IP, and BioWare are the chief creators of role-playing games at the publishing giant (who are currently the MMORPG operating Star Wars: The Old Republic), there's a very decent chance that we'll one day see a full-fledged single-player Star Wars RPG from the studio–perhaps even in collaboration with Obsidian. We can only hope that Gaider and Chris Avellone will both jump at the opportunity, should it ever present itself.