White Knight Chronicles 2 Trophy List

Don't worry if you can't gather every trophy in White Knight Chronicles II. We understand that sometimes you can use a helping hand, thanks to Gameranx we have several to lend. Take a look at all the trophies that can be collected in this console RPG.

White Knight Chronicles II Trophy List

  • Bronze Satchel (Bronze)

Spend a total of 100,000 guilder 

  • Letter of Thanks (Bronze)

  • Bronze Plaque (Bronze)

Proof of completeing 1 monster-slaying quest

  • Bronze Star (Bronze)

Learn 1 entire set of skills

  • Rare Dabbler (Bronze)

Collect 1 rare piece of equipment

  • Toadstone (Bronze)

Stone presented to begining binders

  • Bronze Medal (Bronze)

Medal presented to rookie adventures

  • Mercenary's Badge (Bronze)

Complete 1 quest with an S rank

  • Platinum Crown (Platinum)

A crown reserved for one who is prefect in every regard

  • Inishie no Kodou (Bronze)

Ancient stone tablet, recovered from a ruin

  • Hikari to Yami no Kakusei (Bronze)

Mark of thsoe who defy their fate

  • Gold Satchel (Silver)

Spend a total of 10,000,000 guilder

  • Silver Plaque (Silver)

Proof of completeting 20 monster-slaying quests

  • Rare Collector (Silver)

Collect 20 rare pieces of equipment 

  • Anura's Ruby (Silver)

Gemstone presented to competent binders

  • Silver Medal (Silver)

Medal presented to seasoned adventurers 

  • Professional's Badge (Silver)

Complete 50 quests with an S ranke

  • Royal Certificate of Appreciation (Gold)

  • Gold Plaque (Gold)

Proof of completing 40 monster-slaying quests

  • Gold Star (Gold)

Learn 8 entire sets of skills

  • Rare Maniac (Gold)

Collect 50 rare pieces of equipement

  • Phibianacci's Diamond (Gold)

Stone presented to outstanding binders

  • Soul of Evil (Gold)

Proof of having destroyed the Hakaishin

  • Perfectionist's Badge

Complete 100 quests with an S rank