Former Blizzard CCO Rob Pardo to Tour Unity Developers as Creative Adviser

Unity has announced that Blizzard Entertainment's former Chief Creative Officer Rob Pardo will tour the world as a Creative Adviser to Unity community developers. 

Pardo will visit studios in Asia, Europe, and North America to explore topics such as game design, creative process, industry trends, and some of the key aspects involved in making successful games. 

The global tour will also see Pardo will also make appearances at local Unity community developer groups to discuss industry events and share his insight. 

"It's only been this year that I've started to think seriously about what's next," Pardo told GamesIndustry. "So I've been spending a lot of time talking to people I know in the industry and trying to figure out what it is I'm most excited about. That's really what led me to having dinner with [Unity Technologies CEO] John Riccitiello and this whole concept coming up."

Pardo worked at Blizzard Entertainment for 17 years where he helped shape some of the company's most popular games and worked as Lead Designer on titles including Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos, World of Warcraft, and StarCraft: Brood War