EA is Making a Minions Game, Announces Multi-Title Deal with Movie Studio

EA has announced a multi-title partnership with Despicable Me movie studio Illumination Entertainment to bring its IPs to mobile platforms. 

Minions Paradise will be the first game developed as a result of the deal, which will introduce Phil, an entirely new Minion created by Illumination. 

EA's developers are working with the artists, animators, and writers of Illumination to make sure the game fits with the rest of the Despicable Me brand. 

In the game, players will control Phil, who's tasked with building a village for the other Minions. Aside from designing and building the town, Minions will also take part in activities such as mango tossing, fishing, and water skiing.

Minions Paradise will launch this summer alongside the Minions movie which hits theaters on July 10th.