Pillars of Eternity: Obsidian Talks Expansion Plans

Obsidian Entertainment CEO Feargus Urquhart has spoken to PC Gamer about the developer's plans for Pillars of Eternity expansions. 

The recently released Kickstarted game has been positively received despite continuing Obsidian's famous oversight when it comes to bugs. Urquhart said they want new content ready soon for players who are already on their first or second playthrough, "we definitely want there to be content for them to enjoy and I think we're going to be talking about that pretty soon," he commented.

"I don't think we've released anything specifically, but it really ends up being this concept of this story that expands parts of what you would see in those sort of old school expansions we made for Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate. So not just these three, four hour downloadable DLCs, but definitely big chunks of a story and a new hub to go to and things like that."

Arguing that games like Pillars disappeared for the wrong reasons – the industry's perception for a time that PCs were not really for gaming) – Urquhart added that they're approaching Pillars' expansions like proper old-school additions to games. 

"So that's kind of how we're really approaching it, like we've done with Eternity throughout is this idea of, these games kind of went away but not for a reason they should have. The industry shifted to so much console with this idea that PC wasn't so much of a gaming platform, which I know no one thinks that anymore. So, back then when you got an expansion you got this meaty thing with hours and hours of gameplay. And that's really what we're trying to do. So, while we're splitting it in two, it is like one continual story that people get to play."

Pillars of Eternity is out now for PC, Mac, and Linux.