Bloodborne: Listen To A Full Track From The OST, Cleric Beast

Are you looking for the perfect background music to start your Monday? The PlayStation Twitter account has you covered. Earlier today, they tweeted out this link to one of the songs from Bloodborne.

Titled Cleric Beast, this is clearly the music from the boss battle with said beast. As can be expected, the song is a dramatic classical music piece, that seeks to evoke a gothic feel. You can listen to it via Soundcloud here.

As is the case with many PlayStation 4 exclusives, Bloodborne’s music is a co-production of Sony Computer Entertainment’s Music divisions, in this case both from SCEA and SCEJ, and the game’s developer, in this case From Software. Composer credits are shared by From’s Tsukasa Saitoh and film and game composer Michael Wandmacher. Wandmacher’s film credits include Drive Angry, Piranha 3D, Punisher WarZone, the Madagascar animated movies, and more.

This score was recorded at world famous Abbey Road, as well as Air Studios, both in London. They assembled a 65 piece orchestra, and a 32 piece choir, along with multiple individual vocal and instrumental performers. 90 minutes of music was composed at From Software and mixed at PlayStation HQ in New Mexico.

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Bloodborne will be released exclusively on PlayStation 4 tomorrow, March 24. You can also watch a brief behind-the-scenes look at the soundtrack recording below.