Far Cry 6 Easter Egg Requires Players To Know Morse Code

One of the most anticipated video games releasing this year just came out. I’m, of course, referring to Far Cry 6. The latest installment had players going through the corrupted regime of the fictional Caribbean island Yara. Being a Far Cry game there is plenty of exploration to be had and that means secrets to uncover. Easter eggs are nothing new in the Far Cry franchise and you can find quite a few here. However, did you know that there was a secret that forced players to know morse code?

A new secret was found in the game. Unveiled through Reddit, it was uncovered that the power station has a morse code that plays out. If players know morse code they could uncover what the code translates too. Apparently, the code reveals the following statement. Cameron Britton is the greatest sound designer of all time. I’m sure you know who put this easter egg into the game. The former sound designer left a little something to be immortalized in a video game, but that’s nothing new. 

Typically there have been plenty of secrets based around the actual developers who have crafted up the game. Meanwhile, those that are interested, there is bound to be plenty of other easter eggs to uncover. If you didn’t see the latest big easter egg reveal for this game, there is a references to Ubisoft’s other big video game IP, Assassin’s Creed. Players uncovered a small platform on a tall building with hay scattered on the ground. Naturally when players attempt to dive into the hay they expected an Assassin’s Creed move. Unfortunately, when players attempted to jump down into the hay, they end up killing the protagonist off.

As mentioned, Far Cry 6 is a new release. While players are still attempting to take out the evil regime, others are already eyeing news regarding the next mainline installment. Rumors have it that Far Cry 7 will be heavily connected online, but that’s purely a rumor right now. At any rate, if you haven’t picked up Far Cry 6 then you can check out our Before You Buy coverage in the video embedded above.