Dragon Ball Xenoverse New Costumes: Mr. Popo, Yamcha, And More

We take a sneak peek at a few new skins now available in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, thanks to YouTuber PS360HD2. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel here. These are all based on some earlier characters that date back from the original Dragon Ball series.

Mr. Popo is a servant of Kami, the Namekian Guardian of Earth. He serves as groundskeeper and caretaker of Kami’s Lookout. He has also been proven to be an extremely skilled and powerful martial artist, but only as a trainer. In none of the Dragon Ball media have we seen the full extent of Mr. Popo’s abilities. His look has been critized for being a derogatory stereotype, but in this context, your only interaction is to wear his clothes.

Yamcha is one of the oldest protagonists in the Dragon Ball series. He is a skilled human martial artist, in the Wolf Fang Fist style. While he is greatly outclassed by other fighters by the time Dragon Ball Z rolls around, he was a major presence and a fun and popular character in the original Dragon Ball series. You can wear his original clothes from his first appearance, including that orange scarf.

Spike the Devil Man was a demon from Hell who fought for Fortuneteller Baba. He won the World Martial Arts tournament twice before losing to the child Goku.

Ninja Murasaki was an agent of the Red Ribbon Army, and second in command of Muscle Tower, under General White. Murasaki initially appears to be a powerful adversary, only to be proven foolish and cowardly. In any case, this is a pretense to wear a ninja costume. This is the classic shinobu shozoku, including a purple kimono, fishnet shirt, hakama, blue sash, tabi socks, and waraji sandals.