Fallout 4 Remains Unannounced, So Here’s Some NCR Ranger Cosplay

Fallout 4 has yet to be announced despite all signs pointing towards a Bethesda reveal sometime this year. In any case, anticipation for the game is at an all-time high now and fans are looking forward to the moment when Pete Hines or Todd Howard bring out the game for everyone to salivate over. In the meantime, there's always the existing games to celebrate. 

The last big Fallout release was Fallout: New Vegas, and Obsidian Entertainment’s design of the NCR Ranger remains an all-time favorite among fans, one of whom—Abby Lusk—has recreated to cosplay with. 

The creator posted photographs of the NCR Ranger cosplay on reddit, and described the experience required to create such a piece:

I've had a few years experience, so my first costumes were a lot weaker than the ones I make now– but in the course of learning this hobby I've learned to sew, work metal and plastic, mold and cast, leatherwork, faux finishes, and assembled a basement full of tools. it take stime to get good at it, just like anything else you might want to do. 🙂 Also, make friends in the costuming community. If you're not sure how to do something, you may have a friend who does! Finally, there are a LOT of really excellent propbuilders out there who sell parts. I made most of this costume myself but the helmet was a kit by http://www.allenamis.com. Buying a rough kit saves you the effort of modeling and casting, though you'll still need to be able to put it together, paint it, and install lights and padding yourself.

If you’re wondering why the armor set has LAPD markings on it, it’s because the NCR Rangers happen to repurpose old LAPD riot gear. Check out the photos below.