Horror Indie Nightfall Receives Steam Greenlight, Launches Early Pledges Campaign

Nightfall has recently gotten the Steam Greenlight. Developer Zeenoh has launched a new early pledge platform on their site, pending an upcoming Kickstarter or IndieGogo campaign.

Nightfall is a first person perspective horror game that may not have the production values of a Silent Hill, but won’t be lacking for thrills – and chills.

You play aspiring female journalist Ara Cruz, who enters an abandoned mansion in Northern Philippines to investigate a grim and unexplained tragedy that happened 116 years ago, in between the events that transpired during the end of the Spanish Occupation of the Philippines and the Philippine-American war.

Ara will have to contend with the mansion’s labyrinthine structure, and contend with monsters and demigods from Philippine mythology within. Taking cues from the likes of Slender and Fatal Frame, you will feel the presence of a nearby monster when the screen gets shaky, blurry, and turns red.

For now, all we know is Ara is equipped with a flashlight, and much like the horror game trope provides, can pick up items to add to her inventory as she investigates this mystery.

Whatever the case, the game certainly won’t be lacking in violent or graphic content. You can learn more about the game and help fund it early on their official site.

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