GTA 5: PC 4K/PS4/PS3 Comparison Shows Rockstar Will Utilize The Power Of PCs

Chinese language site Gamersky has made a graphics comparison for GTA 5 on PC in 4K, PS4, and PS3.  It should leave no questions on which is the best looking version of the game.

In fact, it seems that the improvements go beyond graphical output, as there are elements in the PC version that are clearly not seen in the other versions of the game. In one screenshot in the gallery below, you can see a goat along the side of the river only on the PC version. On another screenshot, a close up of a hand holding a gun shows that the PC version of the shot has the hand covered up with a glove.

It looks like Rockstar took the time and effort to actually utilize the power of PCs to render these additional details, that require more computations and AIs. If nothing else, it should be an assurance that if you build a high end rig, GTA 5 will utilize every bit of power in it.

And then, there is the video above, which you will want to view in fullscreen to see even more comparison shots.

Does this make you hype once again for GTA 5’s debut on PC? Or are you still thinking of Rockstar’s prior track record on the platform and still holding on to your other versions? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

GTA 5 will debut on PCs on April 14, 2015.