Xbox Sees Major Changes as Kudo Tsunoda’s Role Expanded

Kudo Tsunoda, of Kinect E3 fame, will see an expanded role at Microsoft going forward, with added responsibility for the company's European divisions and the Xbox publishing team. 

"I'll still be working on the Microsoft HoloLens certainly, but I'm also now going to be leading a bunch of new Xbox teams," Tsunoda commented.

"Our teams in the UK, so Rare, Lionhead and then out Lift London studios. I'm working with our Microsoft studio's publishing team on some of the great games that they're putting together like Quantum Break, Scalebound, Crackdown, all very exciting titles, but then also working with some of our newer teams, so studios like Press Play, Twisted Pixel, Decisive Games, build some new franchises and really get some different and interesting experiences that I think Xbox fans are going to really love."

The corporate vice president also announced that he has moved key people with Microsoft to different roles and studios. Hanno Lemke, general manager of Gears of War Xbox One developer Black Tusk Studios will now be based in London serving as GM of UK studios and Press Play. John Needham, studio head of Lionhead will now focus on HoloLens and new Xbox IP at Redmond. Wil Mozell, formerly the GM of Big Park, has been announced as new GM of Microsoft Studios Canada and will collaborate with Black Tusk.

"Obviously if we were worried [about these changes] these are not things we would be doing, we're making the changes to really set things up for success."

With these changes, where does Xbox boss Phil Spencer fit in? The Xbox Wire issued a statement to clarify his position and that of Tsunodo.

"While the Halo, Gears of War, Forza and Minecraft franchises will continue to report to Phil Spencer, Kudo will lead the vision and experience development of our other Microsoft Studios portfolio investments in the United States, Europe and across our Global Publishing team," the platform holder commented.

Last week, GamesIndustry reported marketing executive Phil Harrison, formerly of Sony Computer Entertainment, is leaving Microsoft shortly after the merger of Lift London, which he helped establish, and Soho Productions.