No Man’s Sky: Amazing Mathematics Used in Creating Every Animal and Tree

If you've been following the development of Hello Games' upcoming title No Man's Sky, then you're probably aware that the game stands to be one of 2015's biggest and brightest. The title features a procedurally generated environment that spans – quite literally – over a number of worlds. Players will be able to land on any of the planets they pass by and set up base there. From here, players must survive in a competition for resources with other players.

These resources will come in the form of a number of different environmental objects. We're guessing that plants and animals will be a part of the list. Hello Games' director Grant Duncan made a statement about how these two pieces of life are generated in No Man's Sky:

To populate this alternate reality, the artists created seeds: the essential parts of plants and animals and geographic locations. Trees have trunks and leaves. Animals have bone structures. Spaceships have cockpits. Buildings have doors, windows and roofs.

Duncan continued, saying that the team put these 'seeds' into a  "big box of maths," which churned out all kinds of different alien life. This method is also being used to create various ship designs, as well as other randomized game features.

No Man's Sky will likely release during the 2015 holiday season exclusively for Playstation 4. It will then make its way to the PC after a brief period.